The debut collection includes stunning polished concrete Luna LED lights which diffuse a soft, ambient glow. The larger sizes are perfect for indoors or outdoors and work in perfect harmony when arranged in an informal collection. Mains powered with soolar power an option. Please cintact us for more information.

Size options:

Luna 210 inside light £240.00 plus delivery
Luna 210 inside light with gold leave £290.00

Luna 350 inside or outside standard finish £360.00
black basalt, white and grey green £390.00

Luna 500 inside or outside standard £ 480.00
black basalt, white and grey green £520.00


“When I first saw Darren Rumley's sculptures I was instantly transported to childhood memories on Lynmouth Beach and reminded of my fascination with pebbles in rock pools. To have such a large scale natural shape in either a traditional garden or a modern garden adds harmony and natural continuity, as well as draws the eye. we have found guests instantly want to interact with the giant pebbles, firstly by touch, then by sitting and talking around them.”